Rosa Fernández Cerdán : Rosikaa



Service Design | Health and Wellbeing

IsthisLOVE: preventing abuse at first signs

Service design | Sustainable Cities

Pedalstal: Speeding up cycling culture

Strategic Design | Decent Work

Harrobia: Co-designing a Social economy HUB

Social Design | Entrepreneurship and decent work

SustainLIFE: a toolkit to balance work&life

Strategic Design | Health and Wellbeing

Crowdsasuna: crowdfunding health innovation

Service Design | Health and Wellbeing

Smart Sleep: a replacement experience

Strategic Design | Creative Cities

Bilbao DWeek: Cities & Design

Strategic & Service Design | Innovation in Retail

Pop Up Commerce: a prototyping journey

Social Design | Gender Equality

JuntasEmprendemos: entrepreneurship to empower women