Rosa Fernández Cerdán : Rosikaa



Rosa Fernández Cerdán
Purpose-led designer

I am Rosa ‘Rosikaa’, a purpose-led designer. I work in the intersection of strategic, social and service design and I am extremely curious about how the intangible world of systems and services could be (re)designed to have a positive impact in our lives.

Currently, I am Senior Service Designer within the user-centered design team at NHS England.

Prior to that, I have been working closely last years with clients across different industries (public, private, non-profit) on challenging projects in health and wellbeing, creative industries, sustainable cities, future of work, gender equality or civic engagement. Adopting varying roles, such as service and strategic designer, social researcher, facilitator, project manager or capacity builder has given me the ability to easily and effectively switch back and forth between sectors, topics, work teams and environments.

What makes me an effective designer is that I believe in what I do and I have a strong motivation to design responsibly and explore creative ways to solve complex human problems. I use a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods and processes, based on systems thinking, generative research, participatory design, and facilitation among others. I am interested in understanding digitalisation and innovative technologies and incorporating them into the design process and final outcomes as a means of creating more value. But mostly I am interested in understanding people and translating their needs into design solutions.

In 2018 I moved to the UK, leader in digital transformation of services, to continue developing my career and to complete a MA of Service Design at the Royal College of Art (2018-2020) . This internationally renowned and practice based programme has allowed me to design digital&non-digital services or experiences with a range of partners such as Telefonica, Public Health England, Ministry of Justice, CERN (Geneva). This new perspective, along with my work experience and background in Environmental and Urban Economy, enables me to combine the rational with the creative attitude and skills.

I am passionate about dancing and performing arts which allows me to be a choreographer to make that change happen.

Let’s dance!